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 I just started my first couple of classes at the local college, making up courses that I missed this Fall because of some bureaucratic issues between ASU and my old high school.  It's a little frustrating to miss registration twice because of a file review, but it's alright.

I'm getting a huge overage check both now and in the Spring (I know ASU isn't gonna let me register so I'm not totally worried about it, I can transfer there next Fall when I'm more on my feets).  The unfortunate thing is that I have to sign for it and my book advance and my school ID - and the Fedex guy here is in the habit of not knocking.  My cousin has had to manually retrieve every package she's had sent here in the last two years - unfortunately these packages for me have been sent back to the school, who have tried again this week to send them to me.  All this has resulted in me simply not having the materials for my classes.  I can BS my way through the Arabic, since what we're doing now is all stuff I already know, but the linguistics course is one that I need the textbook for by Saturday.  Hopefully I'll be able to just manually pick everything up before Friday and get it done - if not I'm going to need some serious Google-fu to get through the first week or so.

I really really enjoyed myself this weekend.  Jonathan was really good company and I loved talking to him.  He has a breadth of knowledge that I admire and appreciate.  I have a lot on my mind regarding that, and I'm not sure how to make sense of it in any meaningful way yet, so I'm not going to go into it much.  Hopefully that's something that sorts itself out before too long.


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