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I know it isn't traditional, but I spent the day doing a bit of "Walpurgisnacht Cleaning."  I had yet to do my Spring Cleaning, and I just didn't feel right waiting until May to do it, so this was literally my last chance.  It was a great day for it too - it was bright out with a gentle breeze.  The only problem was that it was also pretty warm out and the warmth from my cleaning set the temperature nearly 80 F in my house.  Crazy!  The only thing I didn't get to do today that I really wanted was to start a fire outside with this "java log," that Daniel bought ages ago.  It's supposed to smell like coffee!

Got some things to say about my University and my attendance there, but I don't feel comfortable about blogging it until I'm cemented in my position and sure of what I'm doing; although, if my intuition is accurate then I'm definitely in the right place, for better or worse.

I am 2/3's of the way through reading Day Watch, and it is good. :D I shall post a short review of it.  I've been getting a bug to edit/review things recently.  A friend sent me a short story she is working on that just enthralled me.  She is planning on translating the entire set of paintings into watercolors and I'm super excited to see them.

So this is mostly a ramble about some things that I'd like to put up here.  This is also a reminder to work on some things spiritually, especially now that the house is cleaned.  This is also a reminder to keep writing for the Living Basically blog or it'll never get off its feet.  Tomorrow you should have the post about the Alaskan peas ready, as well as a template and a banner and some ideas for posts about a local sourdough starter and maybe some recipes.  Also, work on your photography.


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