Nov. 24th, 2009 11:18 am
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Finally got to go grocery shopping. Picked up lots of good food - very happy about that. If there's one thing that I don't skimp on, it's food.

Got one class today, for two hours, then I'm on break. Technically, I should have class on Wednesday, but since the University didn't bother telling its professors that Wednesday morning classes were to proceed as normal, pretty much everybody is canceled. There's a good chance that I won't head off to my philosophy class today and instead just send my paper to the professor. *shrug*

This has been the first week in a while where I've been doing a full round of offerings to everyone that deserves them. My little shrine is now covered in olive oil, barley, and incense. The house spirits have been playing tricks on me, but I suppose it is indeed about time I make some banana bread and get started on my orechovník recipe. If they're good I'll post them up. =D

It's funny how my family has grown to resent Thanksgiving, and have thus run off to make plans everywhere else so that Gods forbid we have to look at each other. Oh, and my aunt reserved a bunch of things for us at the local Indian center where I used to volunteer (and where she is still semi-active). They have a Thanksgiving food pantry every year, and that was very thoughtful of her what with the trouble we're having making ends meet. Not to mention, most of the stuff from the food pantry are canned veggies and baking goods, both of which are always appreciated. I just hope she hasn't reserved us a turkey - we still have two in the freezer in the basement somehow. D=


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