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 So lately Hermes has been on my mind very, very often.  I very much feel as if he is pushing me over the threshold of this part of my life - urging me forward whenever it seems I'm stalling.

Last night I kept stumbling upon references to him as the Psychopompos - the Guide of Souls to the afterlife.  

This morning, my cousin approaches me with some questions about a tarot reading she had done for herself.  I love tarot and divination, and I think I have a pretty good intuition, so I'm frequently the one she bounces ideas and readings off of.  So anyhow - keeping in mind Hermes as the God of Thresholds, Journeys, and the Guide for the Dead (holy Caps Attack, Batman) - I get Ilya out and open him up.  I lay the deck down on the table with the little booklet on top (I refuse to lose the booklet, I've always kept things like that tucked in with the cards, games, etc that they come with).  I look down, lift the booklet off and see that the cards are face up at me already, and by some crazed coincidence, the Death card is staring back at me in all its skeletal glory.

Death is the ultimate change card - relating of course to probably the biggest and most permanent change in state we are capable of.  It's about a total renewal, a kind of abrupt and dramatic change or shift.  The references to Hermes as Psychopomp that have been popping up regularly for me lately immediately drew a connection in my mind between Him and the Death card.  Hermes as the guiding force, pulling me by a cord down the path of a great change - urging me over a huge threshold in my life and down a different path.  The nature of the change scares the Hell out of me, but if that is where I'm Fated to go then there is no point in resisting.

I'm just wondering how long I have left before the gentle tugging becomes a frenetic yanking.
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Got through my first day of classes.  Up bright and early (actually, it was still dark) at six am.  Nice cup of very dark coffee.  My English class is quiet, subdued, and heavily regimented time-wise.  Just what I need in the morning to motivate me into doing work.  I like routine, especially in the morning.  The math class is clear and precise.  My political science is the professor from last semester; we're reading the Iliad, and his dramatic reënactments make it even more fun.  I just hope I don't fizzle out because of my personal life.  My dad and partner aren't very supportive of me when they aren't the center of attention.

My car appears to be working for the moment, but with this car, that's guaranteed to not last more than a few weeks.  Last year, I spent just about every penny of my money keeping it running - not running well, just at all.  Hopefully Hermes blesses me with some way out.  Sometimes it seems as though I'm urged to travel with one hand, and with the other my ability to do so is ripped from under me.  I won't even pretend to understand what's going on with that.

Tomorrow though, I'm giving Him a round of offerings.  I need Him on my side through this semester, and it's already taken longer than I'd hoped in order to get the time to set aside to honor Him properly.


Aug. 24th, 2009 11:40 am
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I am finally registered for classes. I'm a day late and a dollar short on it though, but I'll manage.

I gave quite a bit of really good olive oil to Athena today. It's the 3rd Boedromion, and I wanted to thank her for the strength to fight through all this. Also, I'm giving Hermes the full ritual and a good sacrifice. He really came through in my finances - I just hope everything comes through so I can have transportation. That's still a sticking point.


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