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So, I have an advising appointment at ASU next Tuesday at 10:30 in the morning.  All my administrative business there will be handled including financial business, summer housing, scheduling classes for both Summer and Autumn semesters. These are all good things.

Still unemployed, and despite the ranting from my aunt and uncle I can't seem to make the half dozen current pending applications for job openings move any quicker, and I can't make the people who've turned me down take me.  Here's to hoping that I'm employed soon (really really hoping to get even an email from someone), or that by May I can be out of this situation and not faulted for being inexperienced in everything but academia.  I know that sounds hostile, but I really feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I have a huge list of restaurants that are hiring as well, and once this transit strike is over and bus routes are restored, I'm going to be canvassing them for jobs as well.  Ideally I want to work with food, but that's certainly no requirement considering I'm in no place to be picky.

My Arabic is improving, but I'm still suffering from the lack of class time.  I'm thinking about not having my credits transferred from Rio Salado to ASU so that I can retake the Arabic and circumvent their ban on taking classes more than once. :/  I'm not sure how I feel about just ignoring all the work I'm doing now, but I need that face-time interaction in basic Arabic or I know I'm just not going to have the academic foundation to succeed at higher level courses.  That's definitely something I'm going to be discussing with my advisor.
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So I had these perfectly good intentions to start writing down my thoughts more regularly as a cathartic release from the day's histrionics.  That doesn't seem to have worked. :)  I just can't seem to be doing anything too regularly right now aside from my schoolwork.

Passed my basic Arabic and Linguistics courses with near 100% scores on each.  Though they were basic entry level courses, I'm still really proud that I was able to do both of those on short notice and in this environment- which I hope is changing soon.  The jobs market here in the Phoenix area doesn't seem to have recovered very well yet, and the feedback for my resumé indicates that I'm too skilled through work study and volunteer positions to do menial tasks, but those positions don't qualify me for anything else either.  That kinda sucks but I'm still looking, still trying.  I really want a place of my own, so I can get cute stuff and keep everything immaculately clean.  The current histrionics around the house here is about how it's always dirty and it always stinks, despite my near constant cleaning.  I'd ask the aunt and uncle what I'm supposed to be doing different but as I've seen quite regularly, there really isn't a standard.  I think I formally gave up on trying to work with them over the cleaning when my aunt had, numerous times in the past two weeks, started yelling about the kitchen being filthy and having crumbs and dishes all over it and everyone but her being lazy - before she'd even made it into the kitchen, which I had just finished cleaning (dishes, bleaching surfaces, sweeping floors) not ten minutes before.

I'm about to Hermione my way through my next Arabic course and an intro to Race and Ethnicity.


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