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Haven't felt so well lately, but I think my mental state is holding up quite well considering.  I can't seem to get my dad to even do basic hygiene or cleaning up after himself, especially in... the bathroom.  It's so disgusting I won't go any further, but needless to say, I'm very very nearly to a point where I can't do it anymore.  Not won't - can't.

One thing that has been helping me though is that my car is behaving.  A little while ago, a spark plug exploded inside the engine - my dad, a mechanic for some thirty years, has never seen such a thing.  The car didn't fare so well at first but now, somehow, is driving absolutely perfectly.  Not a stutter in sight.  This is good because a) I don't have to find a new cheapo car before my move, and 2) when I get overwhelmed with shit here, I can get in and go.  It's a 15/20 minute drive into the country, but once out there, it's very relaxing.  It's deer season though, so ugh, gotta be careful.

Also, yesterday, I made a chocolate pudding pie.  First time I've made a crust on my own and it is wonderful.  Not to brag or anything.
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The past few days, I've been restless as hell.  I've got nothing to do, nowhere to go, and I have no way to get there if I did have somewhere to go.  So not only am I restless but I am trapped.  That really sucks, but hey, it's inspired me to think of projects I need to work on.

First of all: I need to actually work on the blog about going green and homesteading. 

Secondly: I need to work on being up in the mornings, down in the afternoons (when it's too hot to do anything).

Thirdly: whenever my life has been its worst, I've looked to my religion for solace.  Why haven't I this time?  I need to do something for Noumenia and tomorrow, I need to bake.  I need to make offerings to the house spirits.

Fourth:  I'm making plans for renovations on this house.  We officially acquired it from the landlord a few months ago and now we're looking to make it not just livable (it has major defects in the wiring, pipes, the roof, etc), but make it profitable.  Gods know we don't intend to live here any longer than necessary - this neighborhood sucks majorly.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty on it and turning it into something really nice.

Fifth: my car.  I can't stand being stuck here and being dependent on other people for transportation.  I haven't been independent in my own mobility in a long time.  This car is major major issues personified, and last time I tried to get it fixed I spent a lot of money for not a lot of return.  This time though, I've narrowed the issue down that could be the root cause of its problems, and once I get those fixed (which is just a matter of diagnosing a few fuses and switching them out), everything should be fine.  Once I can get her reasonably reliable on the road, the other issues are mostly cosmetic; fixing a window so it goes down all the way, fixing the dash lights so they all work, fixing a broken speaker, and maybe, just maybe, fixing the ac.  I really needs mah ac in the summer, especially in a black Cadillac with black leather. D=

My next while and a half should be busy, but that's hopefully gonna take my mind off of being depressed and running off.
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First things first, I had my Spring Break and managed to get really sick just afterward and get myself in a mountain of backwork and three missed quizzes from school.  That really sucks ass, especially since I really really do not need the added stress on top of them deciding that at 20 years old I'm no longer a dependent and that I didn't sign my master promissory note 2 years ago.  Even though, obviously, I did sign it since I have been getting financial aid for two years now and I'm a dependent according to FAFSA/the guhment till I'm 25.  Shit.  I'd be really angry if the ladies in the FinAid department were so nice.

Had a great Easter and a great Equinox.  Been doing all kinds of things.  Made kraslice/pisanky - very frustrating, but very worthwhile.

The biggest news from the past month or so has been the start of a new back yard project.  We're growing as much of our own food this year as possible, and we're trying to reform the way we take care of the house and other aspects of our lives as much as possible too, in order to be more "green" and eco-friendly.  Really, the point of the journey is to get back to good sense; we want to do things in the simplest, most straightforward way that we can manage, with as little reliance on outside forces as possible.  Also, we have a growing suspicion aimed at the chemical additives in our food.  We're sure some of them are safe - but you know those toaster strudels?  Yeah, the Partner eats the Hel out of them, and as it turns out, they're stuffed full of anti-freeze.  Like the stuff in your car.  Yuck.  And I can make better shtrudl'a anyhow.

Anyways, all these lifestyle changes won't be made unless they're given some kind of deadline, so I've started a blog to chronicle the whole deal.  I figure if we set ourselves up in order to have some kind of post on a weekly basis, whether it's a how-to, some of our research into our food or something else around the house or in our lives, or a recipe, or just some pictures and thoughts about our ever-growing garden, then that will add an extra incentive to do something new at least every week.  Sounds like a plan, no?  Also, it will give me some writing and editing experience which will be immensely useful, since the career path that seems most attractive to me at the moment involves lots of editing, some writing, and picture taking.
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Ја знам да мој српски је лош. :p


-Чисти кућу.
-Чисти спрата!
-Испећи хлеб за домовник.


-Чисти камин, и дај хлеб са сол на домовник.
-Месни умак, шпагете, хлеб са белим луком, вино, и шалат! Њам њам!!
-Шљивовица, тарот, хлеб и сол. Шљивовица да се дајем на домовник.

То су ствари да желим да постигнем, али... ако не завршим, нећу се љутити! Неће бити проблем јер ја нимам много тога да урадим.


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