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There are a couple of new things going on, nothing too exciting, but definitely time consuming. I dropped a course - the professor was not marking me on the attendance for whatever reason and refused to correct the issue, even when presented with graded work that had been turned in on days I was marked absent. I dropped it to prevent the insta-fail the university imposes on the habitually truant. Now, I'm going to be taking two half-semester courses; one is on the Pentateuch, the other is a philosophy course. This is going to be much more work for me over the next few weeks, but fortunately, there isn't much left in the semester, and I should be able to get through them pretty well, not to mention they're both theology and philosophy courses, which are of personal interest.

I'm still in need of a new vehicle, Gods willing, but my current one is holding up remarkably well considering what condition is was in this time last year and through the summer. I'm glad it appears to be holding up (though I'm sure I'm jinxing it now by even mentioning it...), especially since I lost my work study. I apparently missed the deadline to acquire one; my university is small and offers few jobs which tend to fill up quickly - this normally isn't a problem, but my work study from last year felt it was necessary to play games with me and keep me waiting. That's not entirely unusual for them and I should have seen it coming, unfortunately I placed too much trust in the load of disingenuous people in charge of the place. As much as I want to mention names (in a PLEASE AVOID - LOOK ELSEWHERE capacity), I feel it's best I shouldn't. *continues grumbling*

That's probably for the best though. I need more money than a workstudy position can provide, and I definitely won't have the time or capacity to get and maintain a real job if I'm spending all day huddled in a university office collating assignments for a lazy professor (and I use lazy in the most endearing capacity, I asure you).

And now I'm off to manage my wishlist - filling it with the necessary DVD box sets and books that I'm covetting just in time for the Christmas season. BTW, Ohio has some AMAZING foliage - hopefully I'll have some pictures to put up soon!
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I just returned from a visit to my university. They extended my grants considerably (I guess they figure they'll pay for my books since they fucked up in the first place).

But on the way home, my car died. Repeatedly. :/ Continuing the short and frustrating tradition of the '97 catera.

Thanks Hermes, I'll remember to trust in you more next time.


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