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I'm really excited about ASU in May - just one thing.  They have a mountain of bureaucracy before I can register for classes.  It's mostly just a ton of forms to fill out and hand into the financial aid office, but that's still a little intimidating, considering the propensity of large institutions and universities especially for losing paperwork and making you file again.  Hopefully they don't have the habit that ODU did of charging fees when they lose paperwork.

I have to track down immunization records for MMR.  I don't have them, my dad has moved house twice since, and my mom doesn't have them as far as I know.  I don't know the name of the doctor's office where I'd gotten the immunizations.  I think I'm going to contact ODU and see if they have them and can forward them to ASU - hopefully that's a yes.  

I know that I'm going to get it all in and that it's going to be fine, but damn does bureaucracy make me nervous.

I'm going to be rushing through my classes this week - Tony is coming to visit me this Thursday, and we're going to spend the day just relaxing, since the two of us have been exceptionally busy these past few weeks.  I'm really excited for the opportunity to both relax, and to spend some time with him. 


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