Oct. 23rd, 2011

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So today I finally managed to corner the aunt and uncle and force along a discussion that we needed to have over my responsibilities here and what they expect of me.   That was good.  I have been given access to the brandy drawer.  This is progress!

I also saw the feedback for my linguistics course today, which I will respond to tomorrow.  They were very interesting things.  I learned from the professor that the college has a community agriculture project that I think I will get involved in once I have my bus pass.  It really bothers me not having any room here to grow the things I want, and apparently there's an ordinance against having plants on balconies because they apparently attract tarantulas and scorpions.  I guess that's something I'll have to ask about at the community greenhouse!  I also learned that the school has processed the financial aid Pell Grant, for which I have a small refund this semester.  My full loans should be here soon as well, as I've been approved for them, and the overage from that will help me immensely as well.

I made some Slovak pancakes this weekend, which improved my mental state.  I'm trying to make a better effort to preserve that. :D

Going to have another busy week!  Another chapter due for Arabic and another chapter due for linguistics, so lots of studying.  Hopefully stuff coming in the mail to help me on my feet, which requires finding a local bank (read: credit union) to deposit, and this week I'm also determined to get my hair cut (this is getting ridiculous).  If my overage gets here, I'll be able to get a bus pass and that will allow me to canvas for jobs.  Also need to do some serious cleaning around the apartment.


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