Nov. 10th, 2010

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I now have a new laptop.  It is not ideal nor one that I chose, but it's good.  It will get the job done and that is great.  I can blog, network, chat, and surf just fine.  And it's mobile, unlike my previous behemoth.  I have some games I want to play, but those can always wait for a desktop.  This is my mobile productivity machine.

Dad also insisted on getting a new tv.  It is two inches smaller than the one destroyed in The Incident a few weeks ago, but it has identical technical specs - that basically means that it has a sharper and smoother image because the resolution isn't stretched to fit a larger screen.  That's cool.  We spent a lot of money today and that can be stressful on its own, but we have yet to really replace the necessary appliances.  At the moment, I am still without a washer or a dryer, and I am without a stove or a refrigerator.  This is not a good situation and I feel my health suffering from it (stress, lack of nutrition, that kind of thing).  But, the things we replaced today (wireless, television, my laptop) provided a well needed morale boost.  Tomorrow I'm seeking out Fable 3 from local game stores.  I'd love to toss myself into some escapism while I wait.

This is the first eventful day in a couple of weeks.  Ever since that faulty stove destroyed everything, I've basically been laying around.  I can't really handle the major aspects of fixing this mess, I can only really do the administrative things for my dad so that he can handle the situation more smoothly.  We're at a point though where the company that did this to us refuses to work with us.  They sent an electrical engineer to determine fault and he managed to find a broken ground on a pole underneath a transformer a block away from us and insisted that was the cause of the problem so we can fuck off - he dismissed our case.  Fortunately AEP and their technicians assured us that a) this ground wire is irrelevant to everything ever, and b) our system is fine aside from the damage that was obviously caused by Rent-a-Center's flunkies.  They are sending us the information in writing for us to give to our lawyer.

So essentially, everything is going to be fine... but it could take a very long time for us to break even in the situation. 

And I see that I am, indeed, posting at five in the morning and have not slept.  I hate insomnia and having a laptop to take to bed is both a blessing and a curse.  Here in the next few days I am going to find projects to throw myself into that will hopefully put me on a decent schedule - but until then I'm just going to ride the wave and wait for my impending move.


Nov. 10th, 2010 05:11 am
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 Желим писати на српском језику.


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