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Yeah... The recent rash of paralyzing panic attacks brought on by such nervous-ness inducing times as watching tv, reading a book, baking bread, or browsing the internet, courtesy of my general anxiety disorder, has pretty much made this the worst few weeks of the past year or so.  Hopefully this doesn't set a precedent for the rest of the year.  I doubt it will - it seems to be triggered by a lack of sleep + a lack of regular things to do, so as long as I get some sleep I should be soon.

Two politics classes and a philosophy class.  Should be fine.

Also, almost finished all the brie.  Shoulda bought the whole damn wheel.
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Of course, by getting my hopes up that I was actually feeling better last night, I jinxed myself today. I had a horrendous night and barely slept a wink, got up at six, drug myself to class, and spent the next two and a half hours in my own little hell. I'm 99% sure I'm not going to head to my final class an hour from now. I'm sure my professor will understand since he likes me.

Got my math test from last week back though - am not happy with the score. Fortunately the professor has a lenient grading policy and I'll be able to pull through and still catch a decent grade in the end, so long as I don't majorly fuck up again.

I acquired a new bottle of imported Greek extra virgin olive oil on Monday. I was thoroughly hoping and intending to crack it open today and pour some for Athena. I would dare say in my current condition that she would rather I do not; I'm inclined to agree. I shall have to make amends as soon as possible.
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I feel much better now that the end of the day is here. Let's hope I don't jinx it, especially since I have class at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning! Here's to the next half of the semester! And making changes!


Oct. 20th, 2009 10:41 am
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So my partner comes home with a cold. That's fine - I make sure he drinks orange juice and eats some fruit. Of course then, taking  care of him, it passes to me. Just in time for my last day of mid-term break, going back to school bright and early tomorrow morning. I'm going to enjoy today, laying on the couch, relaxing and drinking orange juice and water. Making some Indian food tonight (sweat it out, baby!). My kitten is enjoying the day sitting on my lap, incessantly giving me little kitty kisses. <3!

It sucks though as well, that I'm sick just in time for Noumenia. I'm usually pretty dedicated to regular practice and worship; it's grounding for me, and maintaining that sort of regular, close relationship is fulfilling in a very amazing way. Lately though, I've been allowing the stress of my life to make me forgetful and lazy, and I am definitely suffering for it. This is something that I'm going to have to work on this month, learning to deal with the stress of life's obligations without losing the things that are important to me. Maintaining myself under stress has always been a problem.

Fortunately, my Slavic practice has been pretty well maintained - though I need to clean off the altar space with my photos, offering plate, etc. I'm glad I've been regular with it - I just hope that I get better before the very end of this month, because there is a lot to be done! I'm reminded that I need to acquire some pretty things to make a wreath from; I also need to acquire some dyes and kisky to make kraslice (pisanky). I know not much money will come my way this month, but the credit card is paid up, so getting ahold of the supplies should not be difficult. I shall, for sure, post pictures!

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July is usually the rainiest month for Ohio, but this year we've been a bit parched. The past few days though have been nice and wet, and that was a welcome respite for my plants. It's also kind of nice that the rain corresponds with the new lunar month - a completely new start for this month by washing away the pains and frustrations of the last one and replacing them with new chances. I think I'm going to bake something sweet for the house spirits, and before the end of the week, I'm going to finish cleaning my basement (which is a complete mess).

There are some other things that need tending to before I can do that, however. I had a pretty severe histamine reaction a few days ago to the slivovica I'd been drinking. Apparently, it's not that uncommon for people to have that type of allergic reaction to alcohol, and it's been ramping in frequency and intensity for me over the past few weeks. I don't really drink very much (differing cultural attitudes toward drinking aside), but I've pretty much put on the brakes completely in favor of ensuring my body and mind are as healthy as they can possibly be, especially with school starting up again in just over a month. All those things considered, I think Apollo is due some honor.

My duties for the day then are:
-Sweep the floors
-Offerings for Apollo
-Offerings for the household spirits
-Register for classes

Not a whole lot, which I'm grateful for. I'll be able to finish Dead as a Doornail tonight. =D Also, here's to hoping my university won't force me to take another humanities class. My university's humanities tract doesn't transfer to other universities, and as I'm looking to transfer out ASAP, it wouldn't be too good for me to pay the 2k for it.


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