Holy Hell

Apr. 16th, 2012 09:43 pm
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Holy Hell have things moved forward quickly.  I just got my housing assignment for this summer; I didn't get the efficiency apartment I wanted, but I'm not really bothered.   I had to drop a class in order to take all the CLI courses I wanted for the summer, but that has made my financial aid situation a little sweeter, and I won't have to worry about eating quite as much as I thought I might have to.  Thank gods for that.

I can't fucking wait to move into housing, but I think I've said that before.  I've totally checked out of any and all drama that shows up and that hasn't exactly made people happy, but I feel much better not knowing what they think of me.  As the saying goes, what other people say about me is none of my business.  At least I hope it goes that way.

I managed to get back in touch with an old friend from high school.  Ever since I'd been studying Arabic I had been thinking of tracking her down and leaving her a message.  Out of the blue she left me a friend request and a message on the Facebook.  I am beyond delighted!  We've been talking about music and catching up on what's been going in our lives.  She's so successful and she's doing so much, and I'm so happy for her!

That's all I've got I guess.  I'm thinking about picking up blog prompts to help organize my thoughts but I don't know if I'll be able to really keep up with those.  Without them I feel like I don't have anything to post, other than to organize thoughts or just get something out there to whoever stumbles across this.


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