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The past few days, I've been restless as hell.  I've got nothing to do, nowhere to go, and I have no way to get there if I did have somewhere to go.  So not only am I restless but I am trapped.  That really sucks, but hey, it's inspired me to think of projects I need to work on.

First of all: I need to actually work on the blog about going green and homesteading. 

Secondly: I need to work on being up in the mornings, down in the afternoons (when it's too hot to do anything).

Thirdly: whenever my life has been its worst, I've looked to my religion for solace.  Why haven't I this time?  I need to do something for Noumenia and tomorrow, I need to bake.  I need to make offerings to the house spirits.

Fourth:  I'm making plans for renovations on this house.  We officially acquired it from the landlord a few months ago and now we're looking to make it not just livable (it has major defects in the wiring, pipes, the roof, etc), but make it profitable.  Gods know we don't intend to live here any longer than necessary - this neighborhood sucks majorly.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty on it and turning it into something really nice.

Fifth: my car.  I can't stand being stuck here and being dependent on other people for transportation.  I haven't been independent in my own mobility in a long time.  This car is major major issues personified, and last time I tried to get it fixed I spent a lot of money for not a lot of return.  This time though, I've narrowed the issue down that could be the root cause of its problems, and once I get those fixed (which is just a matter of diagnosing a few fuses and switching them out), everything should be fine.  Once I can get her reasonably reliable on the road, the other issues are mostly cosmetic; fixing a window so it goes down all the way, fixing the dash lights so they all work, fixing a broken speaker, and maybe, just maybe, fixing the ac.  I really needs mah ac in the summer, especially in a black Cadillac with black leather. D=

My next while and a half should be busy, but that's hopefully gonna take my mind off of being depressed and running off.


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